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Summer’s Flyest Frocks

Summer is here and the time is right to break out the gear you’ve been shelving since the winter months. The question is, what are the upcoming summer trends? Here are some of the looks that are making a resurgence among the tastemakers and glitterati.

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1. The old adage of wearing white after Memorial Day has become obsolete. (I’m still old school and follow the rules as such.) But white is always an easy go-to for summer. A crisp white blouse paired with denim and white sneakers always stand out in a crowd. White denim jeans, skirt or jacket are a must-have staple for your summer wardrobe, it will carry you throughout the season.

2.  It seems that the 80s and 90s trends are definitely making a dayglow comeback. Neon colors: yes, those bright greens, oranges, and blues are back. The trick is to do it in moderation. 

A neon top paired with a muted bottom is on trend and classy. You don’t want to be
in these streets looking like a sign at a local bar… LIT UP.

3. Jumpsuits: YES YES YES! I live for a jumpsuit that’s comfy and easy. The best part is that you can dress a jumpsuit up of down with the right accessories. A cute flat will carry you to the office and a funky wedge will take you into the evening with arm bangles and sexy hoop earrings. This
is a win for summer.

4. Animal print: zebras and leopards and tigers oh my! Bold and wild prints, especially leopard and
zebra print is a favorite all year round and can be worn on a variety of garments. For summer
choose strong and striking designs with bold and bright colors. For instance, a nice pair of leopard print
pants with a bright orange is perfect for Summer nights. You can also consider an all-over leopard print look with
matching separates or a dress/jumpsuit.

5. Maxi Dress: A maxi dress is the perfect summer outfit because it’s easy breezy and low maintenance. You can pair a maxi dress with a cute thong sandal, a pair of Chuck Taylor’s or a sky-high stiletto to make it even sexier.
The trick, however, is to make it proportioned to your height. Petites run the risk of looking like you’re wearing a nightgown so it’s important to get it tailored to your body type.

These are some of the trends to look for this summer but remember to make it work for you by making it all your own too. Do what you feel is best for your personal style and take it up a notch. The most important rule to
remember is that it’s just fashion! So, don’t take it too seriously.
Now get out there and enjoy the sun rays!

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