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‘Roomieloverfriends’ – Season 3, Episode 3-4

Tamiko has a decision to make. Will she make it?

‘Roomieloverfriends’ – Season 3, Episode 1-2

It’s been a long few months since the RoomieLoverfriends season 2 finale, but season three picks up right where we left off….

‘Roomieloverfriends,’ Season 2, Episode 9 (Season Finale)

We get an extra long episode in the season finale of Roomieloverfriends. Does Jay finally get rid of his dry spell?

Roomieloverfriends, Season 2, Episode 8

So Jay is out here trying to overcome his “dry spell.” Will he succeed?

‘Roomieloverfriends’ Season 2, episode 7

If you watched the last episode of Roomieloverfriends, you know Jay received a stern warning from Tamiko’s pops. Will Jay adhere to…

‘Roomieloverfriends’ returns with episode 6 of Season 2

It’s been a long six months since Roomieloverfriends went on hiatus and left us hanging after Jay and “Baby Hulk’s” workout competition….