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‘First’ – Season 1, Episode 2

So after the first date, who’s going to call first?

New Web Series Alert: Hard Times Premiering April 22

We got to screen the hilarious new web series, “Hard Times,” premiering on April 22. It’s funny!

Trailer: Orange is the New Black, Season 2

Piper and the jailhouse crew are coming back on June 6. But here’s a quick peek of what’s the to come for…

‘Mad Black Men’ – Episode 6 (Finale)

Denis surprises Ron and the gang with an impromptu pitch meeting before Ron can get a solid idea for Mississippi Melons.  …

‘American Koko’ – Episode 1, Part 4 – ‘The Latina Harriett Tubman’

In the latest episode of American Koko, the team tries to get to Anita Benita’s momma to see if they can find…

‘Mad Black Men’ – Season 1, Episode 5

Even though Ron Rapper had issues with his direct boss, the partners of the firm give him an offer he can’t refuse….

Issa Rae

New Web Series: Issa Rae Presents ‘First’

‘First’ is a new Issa Rae approved love story about a couple who were friends in middle school but go on their first day in their late 20s.

Netflix announces Pablo Escobar series, ‘Narcos’

Netflix isn’t slowing down with its investment in original programming. The latest show coming to the on-demand service is Narcos, a series…

‘Life with Jeannie’ – Episode 3, Part II – ‘Do Not Pass Go’

It’s the second half of the animated episode! Is everyone still in jail? Did Jean really have a plan to get more…

‘American Koko’ – Episode 1, Part 3 – ‘The Latina Harriet Tubman’

“Mr Wonderful” finally tracks down Akosua for a heart to heart. Is she down or what? Plus the E.A.R. team encounters a…