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The Hollywood Shuffle Podcast – Episode 0 – An Introduction

That’s right folks, we launched a podcast. Check out Episode Zero below:  

F. Gary Gray directs animated short for Assassin’s Creed Syndicate video game

This week, director F. Gary Gray took a break from putting the finishing touches on Straight Outta Compton and directed an animated…

‘Roomieloverfriends’ – Season 3, Episode 3-4

Tamiko has a decision to make. Will she make it?

‘American Koko’ – Episode 1, Part 6 (Finale) – ‘The Latina Harriett Tubman’

I guess we missed sharing the season finale of American Koko a few months ago. We apologize. So here it is:

‘Roomieloverfriends’ – Season 3, Episode 1-2

It’s been a long few months since the RoomieLoverfriends season 2 finale, but season three picks up right where we left off….

‘Hard Times’ – Season 1, Episode 2-4

We posted the first episode of Hard Times awhile back, and then the show made its transition to Issa Rae’s channel on…

‘First’ – Season 1, Episode 4-8

We’ve been slackin in keeping up with our favorite web series, but here’s the final five episodes from First, where Charles and…

‘First’ – Season 1, Episode 3

Charles and Robin go on their second date, But the past is slowly creeping into to the present.

‘Hard Times’ – Episode 1, ‘Inception’

Aye, times are rough, rent is due and your clientele is frontin’ on your services. How would you handle it? To what…

‘American Koko’ – Episode 1, Part 5 – ‘The Latina Harriett Tubman’

In this episode, Akosua and Brian’s epic romance hits a snag. Akosua tries to overcome an “Angry Black Woman” relapse. How will she…