#Afrimericans: First Gen African Women Figure Out Love In New York City


#Afrimericans is a new digital series that should definitely be on your radar. With the help of social media, more people are telling their own stories and contributing toward diversifying the entertainment content we consume. #Afrimericans  follows four girlfriends, who are first generation African millennials, living in New York City, trying to navigate love and family while dealing with the cultural nuances that come along with being the child of immigrants. Check it out:

That handsome young man you see in the opening scene is Justin Holmes, who plays Malcolm Anderson, a successful Black American professional who becomes a love interest for one of the main characters, Zara Ambeweke, and he gave me a couple of quick statements about his involvement in the project:
What’s special about Malcolm and Zara’s relationship?
What’s interesting about my character and his relationship with Zara, is that it really represents the cultural divide, unfamiliarity and even “otherness” that can exist within the “Black” community.  For both of them, I think it’s about exploring something new and different to what they are accustomed.
Why did you join the series?
I decided to join the series because I really respected what #AfriMericans represents. There is a wealth of cultures and experiences in the “Black American” community, which I don’t really see represented in modern media/entertainment. Black is a race, and American is a nationality, however I think we are programmed to see it as being monochromatic, while in actuality it’s much more prismatic.  I am, for all intents and purposes, a black American man, but within  that I am Latino and Caribbean.  I think it’s really important to show the diversity of cultures within the black community in entertainment, because through entertainment we are exposed, educated and acculturated. By understanding each other we can better harmonize with each other.
#Afrimericans is the brainchild of Maureen Martin & Berka Ngong, and executive produced by Berka Ngong and Maureen Martin.
Keep up with them on Facebook and Instagram  @AfriMericans

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