‘Training Day’ TV series pilot to star Bill Paxton

TrainingDayIf you remember the 2001 film, Training Day, Denzel Washington starred and ultimately won an Oscar for his portrayal of a dirty cop. Ethan Hawke played a rookie cop on his first week on the force and learned the hard way that being a good cop isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Now comes the TV series that will flip things around. Set 15 years after the film, Bill Paxton (Agents of Shield, Big Love) will play the bad cop named Frank Rourke who gets stuck training a young Black officer, Kyle Craig, who just joined the force. The role of Craig has yet to be cast.

An early version of the pilot had Ethan Hawke reprising his role of Jake Hoyt who turned into a dirty cop, but Hawke turned down the offer, according to Deadline. Antoine Fuqua, who directed the film, however, is executive producing the pilot and if it gets picked, we’re sure he’ll direct an episode or two.

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