LISTEN: Band Nerds – “Respect 2016”

WeAreBandNerdsThe rap-rock/nu-metal sound was a big thing in the late ’90s, but it died out after a few years thanks to everyone and their momma trying to rap over guitar riffs. But it’s 2016 and as you know, things are cyclical and come back like it’s brand new.

Enter Band Nerds.

A handful of brothas from Dallas, Texas spitting real raps over heavy metal riffs so bangin’ that makes it tough sit still. Seriously, these cats are killin’ it. They’ve already released an 8-song EP late last year called Clarity EP (listen to it here, it’s fire!!), but now they’re busting open 2016’s doors with their newest track, “Respect 2016.” Check it out below and get your headbanging on.

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Quibian Salazar-Moreno is co-founder of The Hollywood Shuffle. He's an experienced entertainment journalist based in Los Angeles, by way of Denver, Colorado.