Ice Cube: We had to recreate music from ‘scratch’ for ‘Compton’

ice-cube-1There’s Oscar buzz surrounding Ice Cube as a producer for Straight Outta Compton. He’s currently making the rounds to get Academy voters to consider him for the honor. In a recent interview with Deadline, Cube talks about what went into making the film and the goals they wanted to reach but one item that was interesting was that a lot of NWA’s original music had to be recreated. This even included his son, Oshea Jackson, Jr. recording vocals for scenes in the movie.

“We had to recreate a lot of it from scratch because some of the masters were misplaced,” Cube told Deadline. “Those guys did have to record the whole record. It was a mixture because when he had to go live, it was (Jackson Jr.’s) voice. You see him early in the club, when he had to go live. After we made the record in the movie, then some of the recordings were a mixture of original recordings and then sometimes we had to go with their voices. It’s stunning.”

Cube also mentioned that 2016 will be big year as well since he’ll see the release of Ride Along 3, Barbershop 3, and Fist Fight with Charlie Day.

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