New Web Series Alert: Hard Times Premiering April 22

Hard Times

I am really loving the fact that there are so many talented directors taking advantage of social media for the sake of their art. That being said, let’s talk about Hard Times. It’s a new webseries, shot on location in Brooklyn, that centers around the life of a young man who falls on brokeness so bad that he contemplates becoming a stripper after receiving a tempting offer.

I got to screen the first two episodes last Friday and it’s definitely worth your time. It’s funny, real and very true to the NYC hustle life. The 11-episode web series premieres tomorrow at 12pm ET.

Check out the trailer:

Hard Times is was created and directed by Tahir Jetter. Jetter, and Jared Rosenthal are executive producers. If you like what you saw then get involved. They could use some help with funding. Visit for more about the series creators.



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