Steve McQueen vs. John Ridley: ’12 Years’ of beef

McQueenRidleyEverybody noticed on Sunday night at the Oscars. And now everyone is talking about it. When John Ridley went up to get his Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar for 12 Years a Slave he walked right past Steve McQueen, not even acknowledging him, and then didn’t thank him in his acceptance speech. McQueen, who clapped half-halfheartedly when Ridley won, also didn’t thank the writer when the film won for Best Picture.

So what’s the problem? Apparently it’s over screenwriting credit for the 12 Years a Slave screenplay.

Nikki Finke mentioned it on Twitter after the awards show but The Wrap dug a bit deeper. According to the site, McQueen asked Ridley to share the screenwriting credit with him but Ridley refused, so the collaborators have been beefing ever since. They’ve kept it quiet over the past year, while campaigning for the film but it looks like they could care less now. It got so bad the apparently McQueen was asking folks to not talk to Ridley and Brad Pitt (who’s a producer on the film) even had to step in to mediate for the sake of the film.

Let’s hope they can squash it and continue to make more films.

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