Freddy Rodriguez talks new company, Top Rebel Productions, and Latino involvement

freddyrodriguezYou may remember Freddy Rodriguez from his memorable roles in Six Feet Under and Ugly Betty but he’s looking to make history on his terms. He recently formed a new company with Francisco Lorite and Bill Winnet called Top Rebel Productions In an interview with, Rodriguez explained the company’s goals.

“We want to eventually become a full fledged production company that produces film, TV, reality shows — any form of entertainment that you see out there we want to be able to produce within the company,” he said. And he plans on bringing Latino talent into the fold.

“I think it’s no different than what Robert Rodriguez does or directors from Mexico, like [Alejandro Gonzalez] Iñárritu and [Alfonso] Cuarón, where it’s about the story and the project first and as the project and the story evolves, we place Latino actors in there. Latino directors. Latino writers… I think the solution is for companies like this to be formed and to do other types of projects than what we normally see. To create other types of roles that you wouldn’t normally see for Latino directors, writers, products, actors, etc. So, we don’t sit there and harp on what the problem is. We just try to find a solution.”

The first project from the company is a short film called Mediation. The story is a divorce mediation that spirals out of control for a husband, his soon-to-be ex-wife and their court-appointed mediator. The film written, produced and directed by Lorite, co-produced by Winett and stars Rodriguez and Marley Shelton.

There’s no word on when the film will be available to watch, but they have been hosting screening. To keep up with what the company is doing, check out the website. For now, take a look at the trailer below:

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