Peter Gunz Says ’12 Years a Slave’ Made Him Ashamed of His Behavior


We don’t post too much reality TV stuff around here but I came across this interview with Peter Gunz of Love and Hip-Hop that really stood out to me because he owned up to his vile behavior. For those who may not be familiar, Gunz was involved in a love triangle between a women he had been in a 13-year relationship with, who had two of his children, and a woman who was an artist that he managed. He went back and forth between both women telling them what they wanted to hear and eventually married the woman who was his artist but still lived with the mother of his two children until the secret was finally exposed.

Yeah, it was messy and of course, Peter was seen as a villain once the show aired. However, he has been owning up to his scumbag behavior lately. What I find most interesting is that he said watching the show depressed him so much that he took a day to himself to gather his thoughts. He ended up going to see 12 Years a Slave and it made him even more sad. The movie is obviously devastating to watch but what made Gunz sad was the thought that our ancestors endured what they did for us to have better lives yet he and men like him repay them by acting a’fool, disrespecting themselves and women.

Hear it from his mouth:

Do you think he has it in him to seriously repent?

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