Timbaland to Produce Jodeci’s Next Album


Say what? I hope they’re not playing with our emotions but we spied over at Hello Beautiful that Timabland linked up with Devante Swing to work on Jodeci’s next album.

“I ain’t really supposed to say that but I will be working on the new Jodeci album. And, that will be my career coming full circle, working with Devante again,” Timbaland said via hang time with some fans.

Timbaland and Jodeci go way back to the 90s. They were all part of a creative collective of various artists (Missy Elliott was part of that collective too) who were cranking out music in an effort to get put on in the music business. Not everyone made it but those who did went on to make a major imprint on pop culture.

Jodeci, being one of those impactful groups, broke our hearts when they split up. We then witnessed K-Ci and JoJo through a solo career and then a reality TV show where they tried to get sober. Hopefully, they’ve gotten their act together and come with it when it comes to putting out new music!

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