REVIEW: Eva Longoria’s ‘Mother Up!’ looks great, but isn’t great

MotherUpIn Hulu’s Mother Up! Rudi Wilson is a big shot record exec at Mass Exploitation Records in New York City. But after a scandal with one of the biggest rappers in the industry, she resigns and moves to a suburban Canadian city with her kids. Thing is, she’s been so wrapped up in her career in the music industry that her husband leaves her and she’s stuck raising her kids, who she barely knows, by herself. Let the hijinks begin!

The animated show stars Eva Longoria in the lead role and is being touted as a female response to Family Guy. I checked out the first two episodes of the show and since it’s executive produced by Eva I guess I was expecting a Latina mother and family. That isn’t the case. Rudi is a red-headed white lady working at a hip-hop label with a couple of white kids at home. Does it matter? Not really.

But when the person of a color does show up, a rapper named 2Bit, they just get it all wrong. I get that they’re trying to clown Kanye West a bit with the whole “I’m a genius!” rant, but other than that, there’s no rapper that behaves the way 2Bit does. There are really funny ways to make fun of rappers, instead they make 2Bit look like Mr. Brown from Meet the Browns, yelling every time he talks. It’s not very funny.

Once Rudi gets to the suburbs she realizes that she might be in over her head. Along with raising kids she barely knows, the local suburban moms aren’t impressed with her either. In the first two episodes, Rudi and the locals moms go at each other first at a birthday party and then at clothing drive, respectively. The show basically has Rudi ripping on suburbia most of the time, trying to prove how cooler she is than everybody because she’s from New York and used to work in the rap industry. The moms try to knock her down a peg.

The “suburbia sucks” trope is kind of played out, honestly, and I didn’t find much of it funny. I do think the best scenes are with Rudi and her kids. Especially when she gives them advice like “Never trust foreigners there are no racist stereotypes about, you don’t know what to watch out for” or when her son quips “But my mom says stopping at red lights is for cowards.”

But in the end, Rudi isn’t a very likable character. Actually, I don’t think the show has any likable characters except maybe the kids. They still have some innocence and naiveté. At least the animation looks great and colorful though. Maybe as the show grows and matures there will be something to like about it, but in the meantime it’s not going in my Hulu queue.

Have you checked out the show? What do you think?


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